Web Applications APIΒΆ

Koverse is unique in bringing together access control, scalable analytics, and ubiquitous indexing into a single platform. These three things are all needed to put data-driven business solutions into production.

A data-driven solution will need the access control required to protect sensitive data, analytics to extract valuable insight, and indexing in order to deliver analytical results to a large number of decision makers quickly. Without all three of these solutions can stagnate in the development phase indefinitely.

End-user facing applications built on Koverse can be written using a variety of web-based technologies that communicate to Koverse through a REST API. The Koverse REST API includes methods for issuing queries against any and all analytical results according to data access policies.

This documentation will walk developers through the steps necessary to create web applications for Koverse. These web applications interact with Koverse via a REST API, a reference to which is available at REST API Specification.

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