Amazon Web Services Installation

Using Koverse with AWS Marketplace

The paid Koverse AMI available in the AWS marketplace is an easy way to get a Koverse instance up and running if you do not need to install on existing infrastructure. The instructions below assume a familiarity with AWS and Amazon EC2 instances.

AMI Single-Node Installation

  • Use the AWS Marketplace to select the Koverse AMI and launch an instance using it

  • Determine the instance type appropriate for your use case. For simple proof of concept cases, r5.xlarge will be sufficient, more demanding uses will require more resources.

  • Perform the normal launch process for the instance. Ensure that port 7080 is available in the security group, as this is the port that Koverse uses.

  • Instance launch will take 10-15 minutes while the Hadoop stack is configured.

  • Once Koverse is available, you can login at this URL: http://<hostname>:7080/ using username ‘admin’ and the password is the instance id (for example, ‘i-1234ab567’)

  • You can now skip ahead to the Adding a New Data Set section.

AMI Multi-Node Installation

To setup a multi-node cluster quickly on AWS CloudFormation is recommended.


  • An AMI built for the base of your VMs. A build we recommend is in the Build + Bootstrap section of the Admin Guide.

  • A Cloud Formation Template to load. An example of a template for a cluster with a master, standby master, three zookeepers and three workers can be found here.

To start the process visit the AWS Console for CloudFormation

Upload your Cloud Formation template to the console


Fill in the required parameters and wait for the instances to come online.