2.10 Release Notes

Koverse version 2.10 introduces an all new Automation API designed to allow user applications to control the setting up, monitoring, and tearing down of data processing workflows.

See the new Automation API for details.


  • [KC-5498] - Allow multiple Thrift clients to be authorized and authenticated independently

  • [KC-5607] - Users can manage external clients via the UI

  • [KC-5636] - Provide example code to accompany the Automation Guide

  • [KC-5507] - Write Java docs for Java Thrift client

Bug Fixes


  • [KC-5650] - Fix issues with Maps/MapType in DataFrames

  • [KC-5663] - Show Authorization Tokens in UI

  • [KC-5669] - Preserve byte arrays in JVM transforms


  • [KC-5675] - Fix server OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

  • [KC-5642] - Add Oracle Export to add ons shipped

  • [KC-5634] - Get spark transform status from YARN RM

  • [KC-5662] - Security Labeling Of Transform Output Records


  • [KC-5719] - Fixing issue with PySpark Transforms

  • [KC-5722] - Create an ingest, transform, export functional test

  • [KC-5745] - Provide a default test client that can be used in tests when server is running in ‘test’ mode


  • [KC-5760] - Fix a classpath issue with File Upload


  • [KC-5658] - Execute queries with multiple top-level OR clauses in parallel

  • [KC-5757] - Fix triggering of PySpark Transform Follow-On Jobs

  • [KC-5766] - Allow tablet auto-merging to be disabled

  • [KC-5771] - Eliminate Record Duplication

  • [KC-5773] - Fix functional tests in RPM builds

  • [KC-5787] - Handle NULL char in DB update

  • [KC-5791] - Mark job as failed when update fails


  • [KC-5657] - Changing limit param in object query causes incomplete results


  • [KC-5796] - Allow PySpark RDD Transforms to succeed when a DataFrame cannot be created.

  • [KC-5736] - Document all supported value types in transforms


  • [KC-5798] - Eliminate possible filename duplicates in S3 exports

  • [KC-5804] - Resolve issue when searching with multiple maskers

  • [KC-5812] - Fix Transform follow on job timing issues

  • [KC-5857] - Fix error when clearing a data set

  • [KC-5595] - Improve server restart time

  • [KC-5709] - Improved test coverage for value types in transforms


  • [KC-5878] - Resolve issue with empty transform outputs