3.1 Release Notes

Koverse version 3.1 introduces the ability to extend the Koverse UI to allow users to login with a custom web authenticator.

See the new Authentication and Authorization for background.


  • [KC-5903] - Support login via UI with custom web authenticator

Bug Fixes


  • [KC-5902] - Fix for setting group permissions on a dataset

  • [KC-5906] - Handle null job name in job scheduling code

  • [KC-5935] - Fix for error logging in pyspark driver


  • [KC-5946] - Fix for export end-point


  • [KC-5909] - Synchronizing index entry and record writes


  • [KC-5962] - Term type detection removed on PySpark transform output

  • [KC-5985] - Error when using Email notifications

  • [KC-5979] - REST API endpoints failing for unrecognized fields


  • [KC-5825] - Fix for Avro File Parser upload error

  • [KC-5988] - Fix for SquirrelApplication –mode is missing error

  • [KC-5989] - Fix for potential ConcurrentModificationException on import