3.2 Release Notes

Koverse version 3.2 introduces the ability to apply security label parsers to JVM transform outputs.

Koverse 3.2 also introduces an optional query parameter to the /search/autocomplete/field endpoint. When set to true, the results will contain the complete text for matching entries rather than just the index entries

New Features

  • [KX-839] - Added optional completeValue query parameter to /search/autocomplete/field endpoint

  • [KC-5828] - Developers can apply security label parsers to data frame / dataset JVM transform output

Bug Fixes


  • [KC-5825] - Fix for Avro File Parser upload error

  • [KC-5988] - Fix for SquirrelApplication –mode is missing error

  • [KC-5989] - Fix for potential ConcurrentModificationException on import


  • [KC-6011] - Fix for running multiple instances of the same transform concurrently can output zero records


  • [KC-5831] - Added security label parser widget to UI

  • [KC-6010] - Added logging when record count is incremented in the statistics job

  • [KC-6019] - Fix for classpath issues on HDP 3.1.4


  • [KC-5629] - Fix for import Job Records Processed incorrect in Job History

  • [KC-5891] - Fix for error viewing link for running file upload and kafka source jobs

  • [KC-6007] - Fix for large file timeout in import preview for AWS S3 source

  • [KC-6016] - New limit query parameter for /v1/search/autocomplete/field REST endpoint

  • [KC-6023] - Fix for NPE in JobService that preventing jobs From running/being updated

  • [KC-6025] - Import files via SFTP

  • [KC-6033] - Report more information on import driver failure


  • [KC-5688] - Koverse UI allows users to see all usernames on the Users tab when permission is removed

  • [KC-6055] - Browser hangs when loading overview for a data set


  • [KC-4932] - Improve the multiple fields input in the UI

  • [KC-6031] - Thrift API TLS encryption support

  • [KC-6066] - Fix for potential transform errors when Yarn job was successful

  • [KC-6070] - Fix for Koverse Web UI session timeout


  • [KC-4076] - Removed extra Transform text in description after clicking ‘Add Transform’

  • [KC-4526] - Fix for Jobs in a Blocked status displaying activity on that dataset when none is actually happening

  • [KC-5361] - Improve searching and clicking on a Dataset result causing UI to freeze

  • [KC-5923] - Fix for REST API /api/v1/data-sets/{datasetId}/records requiring maxStringLength query parameter

  • [KC-6074] - Changing user password no longer displayed in clear text in log

  • [KC-6076] - S3 Source now hides Secret Key parameter

  • [KC-6088] - Fix for User changing their password throws error unless they have “Create and remove users and groups” permission

  • [KC-6111] - Fix for transforms with “Only new data” selected not always working

  • [KC-6146] - Fix for TLS client certificate authentication to webapp not working with user specified trust store


  • [KC-4110] - History - zero or no data state needs messaging letting the users know there is no history

  • [KC-4291] - When external authentication fails, do NOT show the login page

  • [KC-4507] - Import Preview - Selecting back button should go back to the configuration of the source and not pick import source

  • [KC-4508] - File Source should not have the option for Continuously importing

  • [KC-4776] - Feature Request: API for list of distinct values for a field in a data set

  • [KC-4794] - Fix for Custom security label parser not available until refresh

  • [KC-4797] - New User Confused By “Next” button on Step 2 of Import

  • [KC-4822] - Removed unused permission levels

  • [KC-4827] - Data Set Group Permissions 2-Step Process is Confusing

  • [KC-4852] - Improve User Experience of Data Set Permissions at Import

  • [KC-4970] - Recent Search Functionality

  • [KC-5074] - Fix for Export job status has unclear messaging

  • [KC-5130] - Data Stats Data Type Percentage Rounding Can Be Misleading

  • [KC-5845] - Create new REST endpoint that lists all datasets without calling getRecordCount for each

  • [KC-5928] - Add way to verify through the automation api that an addon is installed

  • [KC-6073] - The koverse-webapp should have logging in Common Log Format

  • [KC-6077] - Fix for User Unable to Download after Permissions Granted to do so

  • [KC-6083] - Update data-sets/id/attributes endpoint to include more specific type information

  • [KC-6089] - Fix for Missing “Records Processed” in Job History for Imports

  • [KC-6091] - Additional Thrift functionality to make Airflow integration easier

  • [KC-6108] - Fix for Security Label Parsers Not Being Applied

  • [KC-6118] - Fix for Job type REINDEXING does not have a status message in the UI

  • [KC-6142] - Expose source ‘name’ parameter when creating sources.

  • [KC-6156] - Populate the “Dataset containing input records field” when creating transforms from within a data set

  • [KC-6158] - Add total number of fields/columns to the top-level Data Set metadata in UI

  • [KC-6159] - Add Koverse Manual Job Scheduling

  • [KC-6171] - Group permissions should grant read access by default

  • [KC-6178] - Fix for Spark SQL transform only works with one table

  • [KC-6190] - Fix for Koverse Web Data Connector (WDC) is Outdated & Errors

  • [KC-6212] - Fix for Users can lose access to the data set catalogue if they do not have read access to first data set


  • [KC-4594] - Confusing UX With Catalog-visible Data Sets

  • [KC-4799] - Improve Color Palette For Pie Charts

  • [KC-4943] - Add permissions for datasets to current user.

  • [KC-4956] - On the data flow tab, I need to scroll a long way to rerun a transform with a large number of data sets

  • [KC-5712] - Fix for UI: Uploading Files into Existing Data Set Does Not Display Security Label Parser Configuration

  • [KC-5980] - Fix for Difficulties changing a transform from importing “all data” to “only new data”

  • [KC-6012] - Fix for Searches with an OR clause with many criteria are still slow when combined with an AND clause

  • [KC-6170] - Fix for SSL configuration is overwritten by upgrade

  • [KC-6177] - Fix for koverse-spark-datasource needs to bundle relocated guava

  • [KC-6197] - Numerical Data Type Specificity in Data Set Overview

  • [KC-6199] - KISP feature request: ability to tag a dataset when creating it on ingest

  • [KC-6200] - Search GUI improvement suggestion

  • [KC-6211] - Fix for Table cell overflow or word break failure makes neighboring cells hard to read

  • [KC-6213] - Fix for UI: Overview Visual column shows nulls and weird formatting before job is complete

  • [KC-6218] - Fix for External Groups Not Providing Data Set Access

  • [KC-6236] - User Account management on KISP

  • [KC-6247] - Improve the form state for Group Permissions

  • [KC-6251] - Information Disclosure via Response Header

  • [KC-6266] - Allow KISP to lock out users after a number of failed attempts

  • [KC-6267] - Update UI notification with the message from password validation/login failures

  • [KC-6271] - Fix for Attribute overview is not showing Integer number type correctly