3.4 Release Notes

New Features

  • [KC-6024] - Allow each transform input data set to have its own inputDataWindowType: allData, lastBatch (new data only), slidingWindow.

  • [KC-6172] - Update transform creation/update workflow to allow multiple inputDataSetWindow types (by source data set)

  • [KC-6174] - Update UI to handle new parameter type (windowedInputCollection)

  • [KC-6214] - Improve output data set selection by adding search and ordering the list

  • [KC-6248] - Address slow HTTP POST vulnerability

  • [KC-6249] - Add “secure” attribute to session Cookie

  • [KC-6287] - Allow users to enable HTTPS for the koverse-webapp without forcing them to enable TLS for Thrift

Bug Fixes


  • [KC-5978] - Update REST api to return correct rest status codes

  • [KC-6147] - Arrays no longer display as objects with index keys

  • [KC-6268] - Fix an issue where “NOT” query triggers full table scan

  • [KC-6278] - Fix an issue where the query search fails if a data set has no matches

  • [KC-6281] - Fix an issue where /attributes was being called for each data set on login


  • [KC-6216] - Fixed error uploading to existing dataset with security parsers

  • [KC-6297] - Users can load data from G Drive

  • [KC-6308] - Fixed KISP External Authentication Error

  • [KC-6338] - Fixed transform errors even with successful completion in Yarn