3.6 Release Notes

New Features

  • [KC-6350] - AbstractFileBasedSource SDK now allows source specific fields

Bug Fixes


  • Add-ons version: 3.0.5

[KC-5148] - Fix for Error on Import Preview using Postgres source when trying to limit query to 100 rows [KC-5514] - Fix for Query range syntax that is logically the same executes differently [KC-5606] - Fixed kv_index table.split.threshold flapping [KC-6167] - Fixed caseSensitive indexing policy issue [KC-6332] - Fixed Issue with PySparkTransformTestRunner and datasets as parameters [KC-6342] - Fix for IndexingPolicy info not being passed [KC-6373] - Python transforms no longer support ‘Only New Data’ option [KC-6375] - Remove duplicates from query results in a page [KC-6380] - CSV Parser Incorrectly Parsing Pipe-delimited file