3.9 Release Notes

  • [KC-6459] Simple field masking for transforms

New Features


  • Add-ons version: 3.0.6

Bug Fixes

  • [KDP-51] Job History for existing dataset throws error after upgrading to Koverse Data Platform version 3.8

  • [KDP-75] Fix data set query to exclude deleted datasets while querying all datasets for a user


  • Add-ons version: 3.0.7

Bug Fixes

  • [KDP-156] Fix for /tmp directory filling up and crashing KDP


  • Add-ons version: 3.0.7

Bug Fixes

  • [KDP-158] Update Koverse start up to not rerun any updates that have already been run.

  • [KDP-423] Fixed issue with data catalog list. Now if user has data catalog permission they can see disabled list items in the dataset list. If not, they can only see the datasets they own or belong to.